Outcomes of the CRCD Program
The CRCD Program was concluded at Texas A&M University in 2004 after having succesfully completed its objectives. While the on-going development of new CRCD programs and projects has concluded, many of the activities implemented are still being used in the classroom today.

Major Assessment Activites and Results

Project Goal Areas Results
Interest: retention, motivation, attitudes
  • Compared retention of students in courses with and without CRCD-related activities
  • Prepared and administered attitude/perception survey
Content Knowledge: conceptual understanding
  • Develop preliminary versions of concept inventories for shape memory alloys (SMA) and piezoelectric materials
  • Results from preliminary testing and comments from external faculty member are encouraging
Engineering & Design Process Skills: design, creativity, teamwork, communication
  • Modified existing instrument to assess design, teamwork, and communication capabilities of senior students in capstone design and first-year students. No major growth from first-year to senior year.


For a more complete analysis, please download the Summative Evaluation Presentation that was presented as part of the 2004 NSF Review presentation.